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Select news media highlighting Maia and her projects.
Maia Weinstock and LEGO minifig

LEGO Ideas (December, 2016):
10K Club: Meet Maia Weinstock of "Women of NASA"

Silicon Republic (August, 2016):
Using Lego figures to build recognition for great women in STEM

GirlBoss (August, 2016):
Portrait of a Girlboss: Maia Weinstock – writer, editor and champion of female Legos

Upworthy (July, 2016):
You may not have heard of these 5 women. Which is why this Lego set needs to exist.

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Public Radio International (July, 2015):
Lego's messy history of marketing to girls

Attn: (July, 2015):
Lego's new campaign is an awesome step for women

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History of females in LEGO timeline

Studio 360 (June, 2015):
Podcast: Bringing female heroes to the LEGO universe

The Boston Globe (April, 2015):
Dreaming of LEGO equality

Constitution Daily (April, 2015):
Justice at last for the Lego Supreme Court figurines

Newsweek (March, 2015):
Legal Justice League Lego Maker on Writing Women Into History

MAKERS (March, 2015):
The Women of the Supreme Court Are Now Awesome LEGOs

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Yahoo! (March, 2015):
10 LEGO Mini-figures of Real Life Science Heroes (February, 2015):
TED scientists get the LEGO treatment

NPR (August, 2014):
New Lego Play Kit Features Women In Roles Of 3 Scientists

Science (June, 2014):
Building Blocks of Science Diversity (September, 2013):
At last! LEGO creates a female scientist minifigure

Think Progress (September, 2013):
Shattering The Plastic Ceiling: Why It Matters That LEGO Just Created A Female Scientist

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BoingBoing (May, 2011):
Scitweeps: LEGO minifigs of scientists and "science popularizers" (January, 2011):
Watch Carolyn Porco's 2007 TEDTalk re-created shot for shot in LEGO

Wikipedia cupcakes

The Huffington Post (April, 2015):
Editors Are Trying To Fix Wikipedia's Gender And Racial Bias Problem

NPR (March, 2014):
Here and Now with Robin Young

The New York Times (January, 2014):

The Associated Press (October, 2013):
Women scientists, Wikipedia under microscope in RI

Chronicle of Higher Education (October, 2013):
Wiki 'Edit-a-Thon' at Brown U. Will Add Entries for Women in Science

Al Jazeera America (October, 2013):
Wiki-editors boost entries on female scientists to mark Ada Lovelace Day

Maia's Interview on Southern California Public Radio (October, 2013):
Take Two [Click "Listen to This Episode" and scroll to 1:29:40]

Maia's Interview on CJAD 800 News Radio in Montreal (October, 2013):
Viewpoints with Todd van der Heyden

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