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Select news media highlighting Maia and her projects.
Maia Weinstock and LEGO minifig

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (August 2018)
"Women of NASA" LEGO Prototype Joins Collection

LEGO Ideas (August 2018)
"Women of NASA" Prototype Joins Museum Collection

Maia Weinstock at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

NPR (March 2017)
Women Of NASA to be given the Lego treatment

The Washington Post (March 2017)
Everything is awesome for the Women of NASA Lego set

PBS Newshour (March 2017)
New Lego set to celebrate NASA's women pioneers

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LEGO Women of NASA on GMA

LEGO Ideas (December, 2016):
10K Club: Meet Maia Weinstock of "Women of NASA"

Silicon Republic (August, 2016):
Using Lego figures to build recognition for great women in STEM

GirlBoss (August, 2016):
Portrait of a Girlboss: Maia Weinstock – writer, editor and champion of female Legos

Upworthy (July, 2016):
You may not have heard of these 5 women. Which is why this Lego set needs to exist.

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Public Radio International (July, 2015):
Lego's messy history of marketing to girls

Attn: (July, 2015):
Lego's new campaign is an awesome step for women

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History of females in LEGO timeline

Studio 360 (June, 2015):
Podcast: Bringing female heroes to the LEGO universe

The Boston Globe (April, 2015):
Dreaming of LEGO equality

Constitution Daily (April, 2015):
Justice at last for the Lego Supreme Court figurines

Newsweek (March, 2015):
Legal Justice League Lego Maker on Writing Women Into History

MAKERS (March, 2015):
The Women of the Supreme Court Are Now Awesome LEGOs

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Yahoo! (March, 2015):
10 LEGO Mini-figures of Real Life Science Heroes (February, 2015):
TED scientists get the LEGO treatment

NPR (August, 2014):
New Lego Play Kit Features Women In Roles Of 3 Scientists

Science (June, 2014):
Building Blocks of Science Diversity (September, 2013):
At last! LEGO creates a female scientist minifigure

Think Progress (September, 2013):
Shattering The Plastic Ceiling: Why It Matters That LEGO Just Created A Female Scientist

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BoingBoing (May, 2011):
Scitweeps: LEGO minifigs of scientists and "science popularizers" (January, 2011):
Watch Carolyn Porco's 2007 TEDTalk re-created shot for shot in LEGO

Wikipedia cupcakes

The Huffington Post (April, 2015):
Editors Are Trying To Fix Wikipedia's Gender And Racial Bias Problem

NPR (March, 2014):
Here and Now with Robin Young

The New York Times (January, 2014):

The Associated Press (October, 2013):
Women scientists, Wikipedia under microscope in RI

Chronicle of Higher Education (October, 2013):
Wiki 'Edit-a-Thon' at Brown U. Will Add Entries for Women in Science

Al Jazeera America (October, 2013):
Wiki-editors boost entries on female scientists to mark Ada Lovelace Day

Maia's Interview on Southern California Public Radio (October, 2013):
Take Two [Click "Listen to This Episode" and scroll to 1:29:40]

Maia's Interview on CJAD 800 News Radio in Montreal (October, 2013):
Viewpoints with Todd van der Heyden

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